Our Vision and Mission

Our 360 Vision is to change how organizations use fundraising
programs by promoting and selling our products that have a full circle impact.
Our 360 Mission is to provide gainful employment with a livable wage for the disenfranchised, build products that
become resources to Developing Countries and produce meaningful fundraising programs for nonprofits.

What is the My360Project?


The My360Project is a fundraiser and product development company, crafting handmade shoes that are sold to non-profits within a fundraising package. Our Fundraiser creates 4 points of impact.

 This is what that means…when you sell or buy a pair of shoes, children and families are impacted, your organization raises money, missionaries can go on their mission trips and the artisans are employed! Contact us to find out how you can get your church or organization involved in a project of your own!


4 Points of Impact





How it works

(1) Become a Client

Two Packages Offered

(A) Proceeds pay for missions trip and you’re delivering the shoes to the child.

(B) Proceeds support a program in your organization. My360Project delivers the shoes to the child.

(2) Access Client Portal



Client Portal allows access to marketing and promotional materials and it is where you place shoe orders from your fundraiser.

(3) Set up payment hyperlink



You can add our logo to your website using an HTML link. This is where you will link your donation page and send your supporters to sponsor shoes.

(4) Promote your My360Project


Use your marketing materials in the client portal and all of your organization’s marketing mediums to start selling shoes and raising money!

(5) Fundraiser Completion


After you have reached your goal. You keep the proceeds from your fundraiser and accomplish your goal or mission.

360 Project Partners

We are proud of our project partners here at My360Project. Each partner is different and is focused on raising money for a variety of programs.  If you are not part of a church or organization that is participating in their own My360Project fundraiser, you can buy shoes to help children or join a mission trip to deliver shoes yourself.  Click on the logo below and start making your own impact!

The 360Artisans

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 


Our Artisan Centers

We are very proud and excited about our Artisan Centers here at My360Project.  This is where all of the magic happens! Each Artisan works 20 – 25 hours per week, handcrafting our shoes.

The culture of our Artisan Centers always encourages fun and laughter, is uplifting, encouraging, and full of life!

Our first Artisan center is located in Phoenix, right in the heart of the city!  Because most of our Artisans rely on public transportation, it is imperative that our Artisan Centers be located along public bus or train lines.

The Artisanship

The artisanship is a job program that has been designed to develop and encourage professional and additional goal-oriented life skills to set up each artisan for a successful work experience at 360 and in their future career endeavors. We offer a livable wage; some will qualify management training…and all will grow in their sense of pride and purpose!

Our mission here at My360Project is to complete the 360 Impact by providing gainful employment for those in need of jobs.  These individuals are survivors of human trafficking, aged out youth, rehabilitated from addiction, have been incarcerated and are now unemployable and/or Veteran. The My360Project has partnered with the Dream Center PHX to help us connect to the incredible people that we have employed.

This is the heart of our business model!

Meet the 360 Team

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    The My360Project is a fundraiser and product development company, crafting handmade shoes that are sold to non-profits within a fundraising package. Giving Shoes to Save Lives. 

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    The only bad part of this experience was we only had 25 pair shoes and had to turn kids away. That was very difficult to do. So many genuinely needed a reliable pair of shoes and were excited about getting them. The kids who were able to get a pair of shoes would run to tell their friend and siblings, bringing them back to see if a pair was available.

    Charles Butler

    Pastor, Covenant Church Fox Valley