Steve Goff

Steve Goff


Steve Goff spent 21 year in the US Army Band as a saxophone player before retiring and settling in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. Soon after retirement, he completed his Bachelor of Science degree at University of Phoenix in 2003 while working as a system designer, programmer at Hewlett Packard. Moving from HP Steve started his own company D8aheads(Dataheads), I know funny name! He created databases using SQL that worked with ASP.NET websites. After three years, one of his main clients decided to hire him into the company as the Systems Administrator for a new IT team. Two years later he was named the IT manager and shortly after that the IT director for a multi-state college designing and implementing new systems and managing the entire IT structure with a small IT team.


Steve is married to Linda, wife of 37 years, has two children and four grandchildren all girls that he calls the four Princesses but has heard of them referred to as ‘Piranha Flowers’. He occasionally performs on saxophone in a band that travels to all 50 states, Canada and Mexico and, whenever he can, worships on sax with his home church on Sundays.


Steve is excited to be a part of this new adventure, 360 Aware and the My360Project, as he believes that having an impact on the world is very important and can be life changing to him and others involved in the process.