Over 300 million children lack shoes. We have found a way to engage people in helping save children’s lives worldwide by providing healthy footwear.


Countries have seen great destruction through war, poverty, and natural disasters. These events have spread many illnesses and diseases, especially those affecting the feet.


One such disease, Schistosomiasis, affects 200 million people worldwide. Infection occurs when skin comes in constant contact with contaminated water. The parasitic worms enter the body and cause fever, anemia, and malnutrition, as well as bloody stools and urine.

 Proper footwear in developing countries is vital in reducing illness caused by parasites entering through the bare foot.


Infection of the feet can easily rob a young child of an education. Without a proper education, poverty ensues.


Today, children walk long distances to collect water and food while dangerously barefoot. Their feet are exposed to dirty debris such as glass, wood, and metal, as well as contaminated soil and water.


We provide children with the right footwear, helping them avoid disease and, in the long run, poverty.


The developing world needs help in getting adequate food, water, and medical aid. These are necessary causes. However, there are over 300 million children walking barefoot in the world, and healthy feet are needed to access water, food, and education. We have found a way to help save a child's life with well-fitting shoes that make healthier feet possible.

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The only bad part of this experience was we only had 25 pairs shoes and had to turn kids away. That was very difficult to do. So many genuinely needed a reliable pair of shoes and were excited about getting them. The kids who were able to get a pair of shoes would run to tell their friend and siblings, bringing them back to see if a pair was available.

Charles Butler

Pastor, Covenant Church Fox Valley